We Are MProd: ‘My Pledge To Build a Media Army of 50 Young Professionals’

It’s been a long time coming. After years of confusion and misunderstanding, MProd has come to life. We’re looking to share this life with the rest of the media industry.

Media is my life. In fact, even as a child I would take a liking to it. Like most of my peers, I enjoyed music, radio, and television. The radio would stay on while I sat in timeout for doing God knows what. Or, I would watch the news intently as my parents spent their evenings reviewing the top stories in the world. Often times I would imagine myself sitting on the sets in these news rooms or speaking to cities on the radio. 9/11, D.C Sniper, Hurricane Katrina; all of these moments helped shape my passion for media. While they were sad moments in American history, they also provided a solid example of how media can save the world.

Thankfully I’ve been able to sustain an 11-year career in media. One of the most beautiful things that my career has provided is the ability to connect with other media professionals. Along the way I’ve met some of the finest and most professional media practitioners who have the same “nerdy” hobbies as me, all in the name of media. It’s been a  vision of mine for years to organize my colleagues into a collective of media leaders who share my vision of ushering light into the world via media production.

Corporations and other businesses can rely on this collective to provide innovative broadcast, television, and other media productions to help their companies grow. The vision is for this collective to decorate the houses that these companies have already built and provide them with cutting-edge media to catapult their messaging.

MProd, or My Production, will serve our clients while also providing income for media professionals in a tough industry. I pledge myself to growing this team to at least 49 other media professionals who would like to offer their services to clients with minimum hassle. I’d like for my colleagues to feel right at home in serving the public with their talents. We’ll be known for providing outstanding products and service coupled with unrelenting integrity.

You can trust the future of media with us. We are MProd and we are here to serve.

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