The Booth: Meet Production Director, “Dirty Rice”

The MProd team is excited to welcome Miguel “Dirty Rice” Marmolejos to the team. It’s always a joy to expand but it becomes and even more joyous occasion when our passions collide. With an extensive media background with a concentration in broadcasting, Dirty Rice joins the team with a bright vision for the future of media.

On this edition of “The Booth”, we get to know the Production Director Dirty Rice and his background. We also get familiar about what he brings to the MProd team.

Dirty, how did you fall in love with the audio side of life?

I fell in love with audio production working with Radio One DC. I Had 2 great mentors, “P-stew” and Bob Holmcrans. They taught me the “in’s and outs” of production; how to bring a voice-over to life, how to make it clear, layering effects the right way to make sure it doesn’t clash with the audio. I would record artist drops and make sure it sounds like a mix tape when you hear it on your radio. Commercial production and imaging became apart of my DNA from that point on.

How do you feel media production can help our world at-large?
By giving life and feeling to the media outlets and the news they present to the world. You would be surprised how a simple sound effect or  drop chopped up, or edited properly can invoke certain emotion. If done properly.
What are your interests outside of media production?
Working out. Health is important as we get older and I was very skinny when I was younger (I’m still pretty slim now). I worked and changed my diet to gain weight and I built a workout routine. Also, it’s a great stress reliever .
I’m also studying for the Real Estate exam. I’d like to have properties to help build generational wealth in my community. With properties, I wanna give people who have less in life an opportunity to live in a peaceful housing environment and build their empire from there.
I also enjoy making music I just started so we will see where this journey takes me.
What do you look to bring to MProd? 
Good sounding production to people who wish to have radio quality imaging on their shows or commercials. They may have just not known how to go about doing so. Everyone should have access to great production and I’m willing to work with clients and help them achieve their goals and visions for their podcast, commercials and other needs.
What do you seek to bring to the media industry at-large?
Production. Godly production as a whole. I want MProd to be the UBER of audio production. I want the masses to have the same opportunities that a big time producer, client, or artist has to bring that professional feel to their project.
Proper production can be magical and bring so much life to the world . At this point in American history we need more life than hate and that will be my goal as I move forward in life.
Look out to see whose next to step in “The Booth”. Here at MProd, we want you to know the people behind the magic. We are real people with real passions as well. Also, we are passionate about your production needs.

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